What Are The Benefits of Fasting? | Dr Will Cole on Intuitive Fasting

Dr Will Cole reveals the amazing benefits of fasting. Learn how to renew your health and recharge your metabolism with intermittent fasting.

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In this Keto Kamp Podcast episode, Dr. Cole opens the show explaining the meaning behind intuitive fasting. If you’re not metabolically flexible, fasting will be anything but intuitive. When you are finally metabolically flexible, you will intuitively fast and eat. Dr. Cole explains why he’s such a massive fan of fasting for overall health and the ways fasting will help heal your gut. Later, Dr. Cole answers common questions regarding fasting, like if it will help you lose weight and why you can’t fast when you’re eating a poor diet. Tune in as we chat about our favorite supplements for fasting and how tea can be beneficial on your health journey.

[00:00] Intuitive Fasting To Renew Your Health And Recharge Your Metabolism
– Dr. Cole’s book is all about intuitive fasting. However, fasting will be anything but intuitive when you're metabolically inflexible.
– Instead, the book is a conversation about showing up for yourself to become metabolically flexible.
– When you are finally metabolically flexible, you will intuitively fast and eat.
– You can mindfully use intermittent fasting to gain metabolic flexibility.

[05:25] Why Dr. Cole Is A Huge Fan Of Fasting For His Health
– Fasting is an amazing tool, and it's completely free. Plus, fasting is something that it's actually encoded in our DNA.
– Your body is made to do so much. It’s time to wake up the body's ability to heal itself and wake up the body's ability to calm inflammation.

[09:25] How Fasting Can Actually Heal Your Gut + Reset Your Digestive System
– Your microbiome is actually repairing through the night and recalibrating through the night.
– When you fast, it is calming down the inflammatory cascades that are going on.

[13:45] What Food Freedom Means To Dr. Cole
– Food peace is going longer without eating, not because it's restrictive – but because you can do it, and you feel great doing it.
– Also, food peace means you can break the fast when you want to.
– Intuitive fasting can be scary; it can be triggering for people that are addicted to food.

[17:55] The Combination Of Keto And Fasting Is A Total Game-Changer
– Fasting should be a tool that can actually heal your relationship with food, heal your relationship with your body, and actually heal your body.
– If you look at a lot of the research on intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet, you're going to see similar pathways explored because they're both supporting beta-Hydroxybutyrate.
– Keto is nutrient-dense and calorically rich foods that are very satiating and nourishing; it's going to make your intermittent fasting window easier.

[24:00] Can You Teach Me How To Use Fasting To Lose Weight?
– Many people hear that fasting is connected with weight loss.
– However, it's essential to realize that fasting is the body repairing things.
– If you want to fast to lose weight, you need to shift your mindset. Instead, you have to get healthy to lose weight, not the other way around.
– Fasting has a lot more benefits than weight loss – you should be more excited about those aspects of fasting.

[28:05] Dr. Cole Reveals His Favorite Supplements For Fasting
Earl Grey tea has been shown to support our autophagy pathways.
– The main supplement you’ll want when fasting is electrolytes. You'll learn about Dr Will Cole inflammation tips and tricks. This is a must watch Dr Will Cole podcast.

[35:20] News Flash! You’re Not A Failure If You Cut Your Fast Early

[38:05] Stop Comparing Yourself To Other People On Your Health Journey

[43:55] The Truth About Autophagy: Are You Getting Too Much While Fasting?

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