How to Overcome FOOD ADDICTION and EMOTIONAL EATING | Dr Vera Tarman

Dr Vera Tarman reveals how to overcome food addiction and emotional eating. Learn how to break sugar addiction once and for all. Plus, we talk about how to know if you're addicted to food and what steps you can take to face that food addiction. We go deep into how to stop sugar cravings within weeks.

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[00:00} About Dr. Vera Tarman And The Inspiration Behind Food Junkies
– Dr. Vera is an addiction specialist.
– Dr. Vera tackles the poorly understood issue of food addiction in her book.

[06:05] How Can Food Become Addictive?
– The inspiration for Food Junkies came from another book, Hooked.
– Get Hooked:

[08:50] The Negative Impacts On Your Brain When Consuming Sugars
– Sugars will light up part of the brain that’s emotional and impulsive. It’s the part of our brain that makes us do things without thought – this is all subconscious thinking.
– Plus, sugar will trigger dopamine primarily, which is our neurochemical of desire. There's also endorphins and serotonin. Endorphins trigger comfort while serotonin triggers connectedness.
– Addiction will make you want an entire bag of chips. You can’t stop at one or two because your neural biology is so damaged.
– The physical manifestations of sugar and high-carb addiction are happening in the brain.

[17:00] What You Need To Know About The Different Stages of Food Addiction
– When we talk about food addiction, it's essentially like diabetes.
– Food addiction is a chronic and progressive condition.
– You may have a food addiction if you would rather stay at home and eat instead of going out for a social occasion.
– If you consistently do not feel well because of the food you eat, you may be suffering from food addiction.
– Another sign of food addiction is eating foods that you know are not going to make you feel good.
– If your obsession with food is excessive, then you are a food addict.
– Lastly, if you are in trouble with your health, then you may be a food addict.
– “You have to be very careful if you're moving down this path of food addiction.” -Dr. Vera

[25:25] Fasting For People With Addictions To Food
– Cutting out sugar will be the first step for people who have an addiction to food.
– Sugar is the trigger – so, ditch the trigger!
– If you have a food addiction, be aware of pitfalls. If you have a history of starving yourself, then fasting may not be the right path.
– Fasting can be healing; however, it’s a tool that can hurt you if you do not know how to use it.
– If it’s done carefully, fasting can be great for the body.

[30:40] Why Dr. Vera Is A Massive Fan Of Eating More Protein

[32:15] It Takes Three To Four Weeks To Kick Your Sugar Addiction
– It takes about three of four weeks to quit an addiction fully.
– A connection with a daily coach or sponsor will be critical on your journey.
– So, find support from someone while kicking your addiction.
– Keto Kamp is a great community of people who are ready to help you!

[40:00] Treatment: Ways To Help When You’re A Food Addict
If you've been wondering how to overcome sugar cravings, keto can be a great tool.
● Get Food Junkies:
● Get Hooked:
● Check out Dr. Vera’s support group. Sugar-Free for Life Support Group: I’m Sweet Enough:
● Listen to Ben on Food Junkies Podcast:

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